Parking for ESSPS

University Administration has changed how guest parking will be allocated and processed to better utilize all the lots on campus and ensure regular access to parking for students and faculty/staff.

Please pay attention to the parking details for each event/interaction as they will vary. Some events will have the same parking as in the past, and other events will have different parking plans.  Parking lots are noted on the main campus map.

Transportation Assistance for Lot 25 at Rocket Hall

If the event parking includes lot 25 (located by Rocket Hall (RH) near the corner of Secor and Dorr), and you end up parking there, please know that the TARTA buses that cover the UToledo campus do have a stop at that lot and will make drops at the Lancelot Thompson Student Union (SU) and Driscoll Center (DC) which would place you right next to the buildings you need for events. Driscoll Center (DC) is across the street from Savage Business Complex (SB). TARTA stops at Rocket Hall every 15 minutes, and if you get on the Blue Loop, you will be at the Student Union in about 7 minutes and Driscoll Center in about 12 minutes.  The cost to ride TARTA is $1.25 each way. TARTA only accepts cash and does not give change.

Class Speaking & Individual Meetings

We recommend parking in lot 17 across the street at Driscoll Center (DC) because it has easier in/out access and is about the same walking distance as lots 1N and 1S.  You will need to request a guest parking registration for the exact vehicle you are bringing to campus. Requests for the ESSPS can be submitted online using the ESSPS Guest Parking Registration Form, and we will approve all the relevant requests on the day of the class speaking or meeting per university policy.

Other Notes and Rules

It is important that you park in the lot(s) that have been allotted for the event or in the case of class speaking, that you submit an online request for guest parking.  Online requests for guest parking are only for class speaking and individual meetings; online requests are not for events.

All parked vehicles on campus remain subject to fines for violations regarding handicap spaces, reserved parking, backing in without a front license plate, and parking outside of lined spaces.  See complete rules.